Will I be paid if the client cancels?

Once in awhile, customers will fail to show up to their own booking, or cancel with short notice. If you arrive at your job on time, and are unable to enter the home by following the entry instructions left by the customer, and are also unable to contact them by calling or message (both available through the job details page), please stick around for a half hour. It’s possible that the customer is simply running late. If they still haven’t arrived or contacted you, feel free to leave. You’ll still receive payment for the job (as long as you report it to the support team).

If the customer cancels with less than half an hour of the scheduled start time, you'll be notified via the TIDY pro, and you'll be paid in full for the job (up to three hours).
If a customer cancels within 12 hours to thirty minutes of the scheduled start time, you'll be paid $15 for the inconvenience. When customers cancel more than 12 hours beforehand, there is no payment.
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