What is TIDY's screening process?

We screen cleaning Pros that you book and pay for directly through the TIDY platform.

✓ Pre-Screenings
Potential Pros must provide detailed personal information, and validate their domestic service experience.
✓Credential Verification
TIDY partners with Onfido to use computer and mobile vision technology to verify the identification credentials of potential professionals.
✓Background Check 
The background check screening is performed by Checkr, an accredited third-party background check provider. Checkr’s search includes national, state, and county databases stretching back at least 7 years, and longer in certain jurisdictions. The purpose of these checks is to identify offenses that may disqualify some applicants from using TIDY.
TIDY’s Screening Process
TIDY requires potential Pros to submit a photograph through a program which requires eye-blinking (in order to ensure a live subject) along with a copy of photographic identification. TIDY utilizes Onfido to match the photographs and confirm the integrity of the identification documents. These applicants then submit to a background check. TIDY’s currently uses a third-party background check provider, Checkr, to conduct the background checks.
Checkr’s Background Check Process
Checkr, a third-party background check provider accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, conducts a record search which looks at least seven years, or longer in other jurisdictions when permitted. Checkr specifically conducts the following checks and searches:
Identity Verification 
Social Security Number (SSN) and Social Insurance Number is the most efficient way to verify identities. If an identity cannot be verified, the Checkr system alerts applicants to request additional documentation.
Address History 
Checkr’s Identity Check includes a searcg of all known domestic addresses over the past seven years. Based on this information, Checkr searches relevant court jurisdictions for the same time period.
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