How to book your Airbnb Cleaning

TIDY app is a platform for connecting homeowners, offices, and Airbnb host with top-quality, 

pre-screened independent professional cleaners. 

With a seamless 30-second booking process, secure payment, and our TIDY app insurance guarantee, 
TIDY app is the easiest, most convenient way to book cleaners on demand. 

Ready to TIDY app your place?

1. If you are a new client click "Get Started" and select the " Airbnb" icon. 

2. Enter your address or click "Add address/ Saved Addresses

3. Click on the address you have added. If you need help adding address please check here

4. Describe your cleaning needs by selecting the number of hours, rooms, and bathrooms as seen below

5. Select the date and time for your first cleaning to start. It is very important to pick the date and time you want the service to start to incase you have a contract with your previous cleaners and want to start the service in the future.

6. If you want the cleaner to bring supplies and do your laundry you make those adjustments. Remember: there is an extra fee if you ask the cleaner to bring supplies and the supplies don't include a vacuum, mop, or broom. 

7. Add a payment method and promo code. review our terms and cancellation. When you are satisfied; you confirm and pay 

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